No, no, no!

No, no, no, I thought we were meant to get rain in April, not now, April showers bring forth May flowers and all that guff! For the last couple of days the weather has been ‘greasy’, not too wet and definitely not at all dry! My range decided to throw a hissy fit and has been spluttering and guttering for the last few weeks (needs a service but nothing drastic!) so I rang my friend the boiler man this morning and he will be here on Friday morning to give it a dose of TLC.

Otherwise ….. STILL working backwards date wise trying to sort out my workshops in US prior to organising the San Fransisco leg, back sore from leaning over computer, not able to photograph new scarves until rain stops = very frustrated, made a nice nuno scarf this morning, uploaded pictures of a bag to Flickr, trying to organise flights and connections to Denmark, big golf competition tomorrow and all the associated work …… goodbye ’till Friday!


Worst golf hole ever and one space left for workshop on Wednesday!

Yesterday I had the worst score EVER at a golf hole, playing off my winter handicap of 13 I had a score of 18 on the tenth hole, a par four!!!  Can anyone beat that??????  I used up my total handicap on one hole (with another shot over!) so as you can imagine I was not very pleased.  In actual fact I don’t normally play like that (otherwise why would my handicap be what it is) but our new head green keeper had just done some work in the bunkers and for once I got totally bogged down in the sand with no chance of playing out sideways!

Today my new felting tables arrived and I am thrilled.  I ordered 3 long folding tables which will allow me plenty of space to work on some huge felt sculptures and large pieces of nuno felt clothing.  I have one space left for a full day nuno felting workshop next Wednesday (E75 for the day) so if anyone would like to come along please email me asap. 

Nuno mosaic skirt and nuno felt scarf

Resumption of essential services!

Patsey my plumber has just left and I am thrilled to say that my well has not collapsed, my central heating is now running and I have hot water again at last!!

  • Water – check
  • Well in sound health – check
  • Heat – check
  • Electricity – check
  • Internet connection – check
  • Time to craft today – uncheck

Life is good however.  Yesterday evening I ran the washing machine to full some jumpers again that had previously been shrunk either deliberately by me or mistakenly by a friend!  These I will make into some coffee cozys and upcycled bags, my wonderful swap package from Gretchen inspired me to route the jumpers out last night so more to follow about the process next post.  For now I am off to do a big shop, try and get some pink or plum coloured tights and then I will be having a big hot bath in my very own bathroom!  Ah, the luxury of not travelling down the lane to my neighbour’s farmhouse and having hot water again of my own is bliss.  Tonight I am chairing the ladies club committee meeting at Borris Golf Club so any felting and crafting activities will just have to wait until tomorrow. 

My new nuno mini which I want to buy tights to match