Felting, golf, puncture, food …..

This afternoon I had my second session with members of the Borris Active Retirement Group, we were examining all the different things that you can make with felt cords and balls.  Everyone made a layered cord using three different colours of merino and then we had fun slicing through the felt to make gorgeous beads perfect for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keyrings or whatever else takes your fancy!

Alpaca and merino necklace

Here is an image of one of my earliest necklaces made using this method, the dark chocolate fibre is alpaca and the rest is merino.  Only one of the ladies decided to leave the cord uncut, she is planning on converting the flat felt she made last week into a funky little purse and the cord is going to become a strong handle.

On Saturday I arrived back in the golf club car park from supporting some mixed matches only to find that my front wheel had a puncture. This was really annoying as I was dressed in my ‘official’ clothes and had no old trousers or anything to throw on in order to change the tyre. I can’t say that any of the men (or women!) rushed in to help so thankfully one of my friends gave me a lift home after the meal and I was able to return yesterday with Alan and get the thing sorted. This is the first time that my pick up truck has had a puncture since I bought it about 3 years ago so hopefully I will get another few years before I have to go through the trauma again. I have never had any difficulty changing tyres on any other jeep or car that I have owned but for some reason the spare is amazingly difficult to get out from under the base of this truck, at least having done it once next time should be easier!

I love the sound of this asparagus and goats cheese tart over at Maya Made, guess what I’ll be buying tomorrow???


Worst golf hole ever and one space left for workshop on Wednesday!

Yesterday I had the worst score EVER at a golf hole, playing off my winter handicap of 13 I had a score of 18 on the tenth hole, a par four!!!  Can anyone beat that??????  I used up my total handicap on one hole (with another shot over!) so as you can imagine I was not very pleased.  In actual fact I don’t normally play like that (otherwise why would my handicap be what it is) but our new head green keeper had just done some work in the bunkers and for once I got totally bogged down in the sand with no chance of playing out sideways!

Today my new felting tables arrived and I am thrilled.  I ordered 3 long folding tables which will allow me plenty of space to work on some huge felt sculptures and large pieces of nuno felt clothing.  I have one space left for a full day nuno felting workshop next Wednesday (E75 for the day) so if anyone would like to come along please email me asap. 

Nuno mosaic skirt and nuno felt scarf

Talk, swap package and some golf photos from last Sunday!

Wednesday’s talk and demo to the Borris Active Retirement group went very well and now the ladies are interested in participating in some felting workshops so all in all a good day was had by everyone! 

My swap package for Krystofer - note the hand made gift tag!


Before I left the house to go to the talk venue I packaged up and posted my latest swap package to Krystofer in San Fransisco.  This was a great Ravelry swap to participate in, check out one of the scarves I felted for this in a recent post at Clasheen.  I also made gift tags from some of the stamped paper I had left over from last weeks fabric journal workshop, upcycling and recycling is one of my favourite pastimes.

Another favourite activity of mine is golf, as if you haven’t already realised.  My good friend Remmy took some excellent photos of all the action last Sunday so here are a couple for you to peruse as men’s Captain Pierce Brennan and yours truly prepare to beat the life out of a couple of little white balls!   

Captain Pierce Brennan with me just before we teed off

Head down and watch that ball!

Preparing for talk this afternoon

I am just off now to get my things together and pack the truck in preparation for this afternoon’s talk on felting to the Borris Active Retirement Group.  To be honest I am not totally sure what they are expecting or indeed what exactly I am expecting from them, the lady who organised things has had a problem with her phone so I am really just going to have to wing it I think! 

Yesterday morning I got called in unexpectedly to the Golf Club so another day passed without me getting all the felting done that I had planned and today is half gone already (did finish a project earlier), where does all the time go I ask myself a little bit wistfully?  Realistically I expect to be home late in the afternoon so probably today is another wipe out as far as working in the studio this afternoon is concerned, roll on tomorrow morning and some free hours at last.

Recycling centre, art notebooks and golf

This is a really quick post today but I promise that from next Tuesday onwards time will not be such a pressing matter ….. hopefully.

Recycling – Don’t you just love those great centres where you just might pick up something to take home at the same time as trying to get rid of all your own packaging etc.?  On Wednesday I had a great discovery whien I found a man about to dump a collection of huge big stainless steel light shades in the scrap metal container.  His son is an electrician and they were tidying out a shed, obviously I snapped them up and have a couple of projects earmarked for them already, what a joy it is to have a truck to transport all these unexpected and welcome findshome!

Art notebooks – Spent a happy day with the South East Textile group today, our workshop this month was about creating fabric covered art journals.  Wait ’till I take some photos on Monday of what I made, never ever throw out those cardboard packages books arrive from Amazon in as they make an amazing base for these journals, recycling again!

Golf – Captain’s Drive in at Borris Giolf Club tomorrow.  No clothes ready (some not even washed yet!), house dreadfully untidy, guest just about to arrive for the night, no food prepared yet ……. argh, talk soon!!!

More water woes, busy day felting and golf club this evening!

This morning we had a really hard frost and much to my dismay the pipe from Tom’s yard to mine froze so NO WATER yet again!  Carmen was coming over for lunch and to felt for the afternoon so imagine my horror to discover I couldn’t wash the dishes!!  By about half past two the ice had melted so luckily I was able to fill up the tank in my attic in preparation for a bath before my golf club meeting tonight.  I also switched on the washing machine again and at the end of the cycle discovered that my alpaca and cashmere jumper had shrunk to almost nothing.  Luckily I anticipated that this might be the case and have another upcycled bag planned for a rainy day later in the month, a friend has my sewing machine (not that I use it often!) so I will wait until she brings it back.  Off now for a quick spot of tea and toast, then a bath and off to a managment meeting at Borris Golf Club.  No rest for the wicked!

Welcome to Clasheen Uncut and weaving a cropped top!

Welcome to Clasheen Uncut.  This new blog will run hand in hand with Clasheen, my online diary documenting life as a rural felter in Ireland! 

Here is the space where I will share all sorts of weekly trials and tribulations with you, felting, weaving, cookery, woodland managment, golf, travel and Irish country life in general.  Clasheen will remain as always dedicated to my biggest textile love which is felting, Clasheen Uncut will give you a glimpse of my emerging textile or art related endeavors!

I am not going to give you any speil about myself to start with here, all that may be found over at Clasheen.   Suffice to say that since 28th December 2009 (due to unusually cold weather conditions here in Ireland) I have been living without central heating and water for almost all the time and my electricity and internet connection has been dreadfully patchy!  As a result I have had to be inventive with my textile adventures. 

Felting requires water and believe me when you are gathering and melting snow to make a cup of tea embellishing and altering previously felted work combined with other textile disciplines come more to the forefront!  My enforced absence from felting has had an up side, it has given me the time to try and get to grips with my Ashford Knitters Loom. 

First attempt to warp the whole width

My first project was a dark purple and yellow scarf (photos on Flickr) and then I decided to try and warp the whole width of the loom, weaving is quick while I am finding that for me warping is time consuming.  Warping the whole width gave me some freedom to practice my weaving and feel like I was actually creating a piece of ‘cloth’ as opposed to just a scarf.  I adore scarves and am always creating them in felt but for my weaving I would like to create clothes and fabric to incorporate into my felting hence the wider warping width.   Earlier in the year I felted a cropped top which was a prototype for an exhibition I wanted to submit for.  Unfortunately I never got it together enough to actually expand on this shape but for my woven cropped top I had a couple of ideas in mind to try and put into practice.  Those of you who have been following Clasheen over the last year and a half know how much I try and avoid sewing (and in fact any of the small finishing tasks that go to complete a project!) so I was thrilled to discovered how easy it is to crochet seams together with hand woven fabric, a whole new world has opened up to me!  

Ella uncut

I named the cloth ‘Ella’ in memory of my grandmother as it is woven in some of her favourite colours, I can just see her throwing the fabric jauntily around her shoulders to ward off the cold. 

Seams crocheted and finishing the edges

Here is an image of the top as I was seaming and finishing the edges.  My next post will reveal the finished top but for now you can view some more images of the process to date over on Flickr!