No, no, no!

No, no, no, I thought we were meant to get rain in April, not now, April showers bring forth May flowers and all that guff! For the last couple of days the weather has been ‘greasy’, not too wet and definitely not at all dry! My range decided to throw a hissy fit and has been spluttering and guttering for the last few weeks (needs a service but nothing drastic!) so I rang my friend the boiler man this morning and he will be here on Friday morning to give it a dose of TLC.

Otherwise ….. STILL working backwards date wise trying to sort out my workshops in US prior to organising the San Fransisco leg, back sore from leaning over computer, not able to photograph new scarves until rain stops = very frustrated, made a nice nuno scarf this morning, uploaded pictures of a bag to Flickr, trying to organise flights and connections to Denmark, big golf competition tomorrow and all the associated work …… goodbye ’till Friday!


Check out this fantastic competition to win a beautiful jacket from Chrissie!

Friend and fellow fibre addict Chrissie Day has posted an amazing competition on her blog giving one lucky reader an opportunity to win one of her beautiful waterfall nuno felt jackets! 

You need to submit a combination of colours to Chrissie (minimum of 4) that best talk ‘May and food’ to you and sing out that message.  This gives you a huge range of colours to choose from and the prize will be one of Chrissie’s amazing waterfall jackets made especially for you in your selected colours!  The closing date is May 31st and there is one entry per person.  Please email Chrissie at to submit an image of your block of colours.  Check out images of these tops on Chrissie’s Flickr and start planning your colours now!

Pricing debate yet again, new craft social networking site, where to sell???

Over the last few weeks I have really thought about the pricing debate yet again.  Last night I revisited out earlier conversations on the subject and checked out this link (thanks Dawn, very provocative) before taking experienced nuno felted Nancy Schwabe’s advice and looking into selling my felt on Artfire and Boticca.  There is no doubt in my mind that actually seeing and handling the felt prior to buying is the ideal scenario but sometimes this is just not possible and selling over the internet seems an ideal way of broadening the net of potential purchasers.  I have had some very nice feedback recently from purchasers of my merino and nuno felt scarves so know that they have been happy with the quality and price of my work but still the question remains, where is the best ‘virtual’ place to sell online if you do not have an ‘actual’ venue to stock in your locality?

Before I get too steamed up on the pricing issue I just want to alert those of you who haven’t already discovered it to a great new craft related social networking site appropriately named ‘My Craft Corner’.  I discovered this by linking through a couple of blogs last night (really sorry but in my excitement I lost the original link) and it appears to combine the attractions and functionality of Ravelry, Flickr and Facebook all on one site, kind of ready made craft porn for all us addicts out there!  If you do pop along and decide to join please be sure to make me one of your friends, my user name is Clasheen, what else!!

Lilac and blue nuno shibori

Getting back to selling online, I just added a gorgeous cobweb felt scarf and a couple of nuno shibori beauties to my Etsy store last Thursday.

Welcome to Clasheen Uncut and weaving a cropped top!

Welcome to Clasheen Uncut.  This new blog will run hand in hand with Clasheen, my online diary documenting life as a rural felter in Ireland! 

Here is the space where I will share all sorts of weekly trials and tribulations with you, felting, weaving, cookery, woodland managment, golf, travel and Irish country life in general.  Clasheen will remain as always dedicated to my biggest textile love which is felting, Clasheen Uncut will give you a glimpse of my emerging textile or art related endeavors!

I am not going to give you any speil about myself to start with here, all that may be found over at Clasheen.   Suffice to say that since 28th December 2009 (due to unusually cold weather conditions here in Ireland) I have been living without central heating and water for almost all the time and my electricity and internet connection has been dreadfully patchy!  As a result I have had to be inventive with my textile adventures. 

Felting requires water and believe me when you are gathering and melting snow to make a cup of tea embellishing and altering previously felted work combined with other textile disciplines come more to the forefront!  My enforced absence from felting has had an up side, it has given me the time to try and get to grips with my Ashford Knitters Loom. 

First attempt to warp the whole width

My first project was a dark purple and yellow scarf (photos on Flickr) and then I decided to try and warp the whole width of the loom, weaving is quick while I am finding that for me warping is time consuming.  Warping the whole width gave me some freedom to practice my weaving and feel like I was actually creating a piece of ‘cloth’ as opposed to just a scarf.  I adore scarves and am always creating them in felt but for my weaving I would like to create clothes and fabric to incorporate into my felting hence the wider warping width.   Earlier in the year I felted a cropped top which was a prototype for an exhibition I wanted to submit for.  Unfortunately I never got it together enough to actually expand on this shape but for my woven cropped top I had a couple of ideas in mind to try and put into practice.  Those of you who have been following Clasheen over the last year and a half know how much I try and avoid sewing (and in fact any of the small finishing tasks that go to complete a project!) so I was thrilled to discovered how easy it is to crochet seams together with hand woven fabric, a whole new world has opened up to me!  

Ella uncut

I named the cloth ‘Ella’ in memory of my grandmother as it is woven in some of her favourite colours, I can just see her throwing the fabric jauntily around her shoulders to ward off the cold. 

Seams crocheted and finishing the edges

Here is an image of the top as I was seaming and finishing the edges.  My next post will reveal the finished top but for now you can view some more images of the process to date over on Flickr!