No, no, no!

No, no, no, I thought we were meant to get rain in April, not now, April showers bring forth May flowers and all that guff! For the last couple of days the weather has been ‘greasy’, not too wet and definitely not at all dry! My range decided to throw a hissy fit and has been spluttering and guttering for the last few weeks (needs a service but nothing drastic!) so I rang my friend the boiler man this morning and he will be here on Friday morning to give it a dose of TLC.

Otherwise ….. STILL working backwards date wise trying to sort out my workshops in US prior to organising the San Fransisco leg, back sore from leaning over computer, not able to photograph new scarves until rain stops = very frustrated, made a nice nuno scarf this morning, uploaded pictures of a bag to Flickr, trying to organise flights and connections to Denmark, big golf competition tomorrow and all the associated work …… goodbye ’till Friday!


Combing natural fibres and artificial fabrics to create unique and complex surface texture detail

Fabulous sparkly polyester fabrics!

Yesterday afternoon I was able to call into Threads of Green in Kilkenny and pick up some more kind of horrible but simultaneously fabulous artificial fabric!  At the recent Lyda Rump felting workshops here at Clasheen we learnt not to restrict ourselves when felting to working with only natural materials but instead try and combine unusual artificial fabrics with our usual natural raw materials in an experimental way and basically see what interesting combinations occured. I picked up some amazing sparkle encrusted fabric yesterday designed by the dreaded sisters Polly and Ester (polyester to you!) and am really looking forward to sampling with them as soon as I get a moment tomorrow or on Thursday afternoon.  It is very interesting to see how natural fibres combine with the artificial fabric and create a totally new dimension in the final felted surface texture.  I have already experimented with the green sparkly fabric as it is what I used recently on the front surface of my complex felt bag.  To see how transformed the fabric becomes when combined with merino and Icelandic wool check out this short visual clip which I have just uploaded to YouTube, my first podcasting test since the workshop I attended with ArtL!nks yesterday in Kilkenny!  The beautiful photos that I used in the piece were shot by Bernie McCoy, thanks again Bernie for doing such a great job.