AMAZING package all the way from New Zealand, I am in love!

This afternoon as I am trying to recover from the last few weeks frantic activity and sort out paperwork and loose ends (always have piles of them hanging around!) the most amazing package arrived in the post all the way from New Zealand!  I can’t emphasise how excited I was as each item was revealed from this colour swap via Ravelry, my swap partner Jayne went to HUGE trouble and expense putting together a parcel that was me to a T.  I am still in shock at how gorgeous all the items were!!! 

Incredibly beautiful Midnight Orchid batts and a stunning hand made button!


These Midnight Orchid batts are made by a lady local to Jayne and the stunning glass button is made by an Australian lady living in Sydney, how lucky am I?????

Ishbel from behind


Stunning hand dyed and knitted lace wrap, how beautiful it looks in the Irish landscape!


A pictorial video documenting my Going Green Swap package for Kelly

One aspect of the Going Green Swap with a Twist that I have just participated in was the creation of a journal or record documenting the choices made in the package sent to ones swap buddy. I decided to make a CD pictorial for Kelly and have just posted it to YouTube this morning so that I can share it with other group members on Ravelry. No music for this one, need to download some more royalty free tunes but as everything takes a lot of time that’s work for another day! for some reason I don’t seem able to embed the video this afternoon so if you would like to see some photos of Clasheen taken near the end of March and see the items I included for Kelly in the swap package click here to watch the video.

Two wonderful swap packages have arrived!

Check out these wonderful swap packages that arrived for me this week, the first from Kelly in the Going Green Swap with a Twist and the second from Jenn in the Felted Bag Swap, both on Ravelry!  I seem to be running out of time at the minute (ha, ha) so to get the full low down on the beautiful contents visit the relevant groups for details of all the goodies!!

Beautiful fibres in my Going Green Swap with a Twist package

Brilliant felted bag swap package

Talk, swap package and some golf photos from last Sunday!

Wednesday’s talk and demo to the Borris Active Retirement group went very well and now the ladies are interested in participating in some felting workshops so all in all a good day was had by everyone! 

My swap package for Krystofer - note the hand made gift tag!


Before I left the house to go to the talk venue I packaged up and posted my latest swap package to Krystofer in San Fransisco.  This was a great Ravelry swap to participate in, check out one of the scarves I felted for this in a recent post at Clasheen.  I also made gift tags from some of the stamped paper I had left over from last weeks fabric journal workshop, upcycling and recycling is one of my favourite pastimes.

Another favourite activity of mine is golf, as if you haven’t already realised.  My good friend Remmy took some excellent photos of all the action last Sunday so here are a couple for you to peruse as men’s Captain Pierce Brennan and yours truly prepare to beat the life out of a couple of little white balls!   

Captain Pierce Brennan with me just before we teed off

Head down and watch that ball!

Resumption of essential services!

Patsey my plumber has just left and I am thrilled to say that my well has not collapsed, my central heating is now running and I have hot water again at last!!

  • Water – check
  • Well in sound health – check
  • Heat – check
  • Electricity – check
  • Internet connection – check
  • Time to craft today – uncheck

Life is good however.  Yesterday evening I ran the washing machine to full some jumpers again that had previously been shrunk either deliberately by me or mistakenly by a friend!  These I will make into some coffee cozys and upcycled bags, my wonderful swap package from Gretchen inspired me to route the jumpers out last night so more to follow about the process next post.  For now I am off to do a big shop, try and get some pink or plum coloured tights and then I will be having a big hot bath in my very own bathroom!  Ah, the luxury of not travelling down the lane to my neighbour’s farmhouse and having hot water again of my own is bliss.  Tonight I am chairing the ladies club committee meeting at Borris Golf Club so any felting and crafting activities will just have to wait until tomorrow. 

My new nuno mini which I want to buy tights to match

Thanks, completed top and great swap package arrives!

Wow, I’m blown away by the response to this new blog already and it’s only two days in existence.  Thanks so much for all your lovely comments and messages of support, I hope that I don’t let you all down!!! 

The woven cropped top is now finished and here is a picture of the completed piece. 

My first woven garment!

I have had a question on Ravelry about how I stitched it together without cutting so here is the simple (hopefully!) explanation I posted in response.

  • Fold the two ends together to form a large tube and stitch up just inside the fringe, this is the only sewing involved. 
  • Lay the folded fabric on your table, have a look at it and decide where you want the fringed seam to be positioned.
  • The total width of mine was 91cms (it could have been wider but this was enough to work) when folded so I allowed an opening of 27cms on the upper side for my head, stitched approx 6.5cms seam on each side of this for the shoulders and then left the remaining approx 26cms on either side open to allow for the sleeves.
  • When I had got that done I tried it on and decided how much to seam the bottom edge, just crochet it together and allow plenty of space around your middle for movement!
  • When laid flat the shape is a perfect rectangle with the sleeves actually on the top line.  This sounds strange but believe me it works and when you put it on it forms a simple batwing shape and drapes nicely under your armpits with a fluid line across the shoulders!!

This would be a really fantastic project with some nuno felt or even two bought wraps stitched together along the top, it’s best if the fabric is drapable and not too stiff.  Let me know if any of you try out the design and I am sure that we would all love to see some photos!

Speaking of Ravelry check out this amazing swap package that I recieved yesterday from my Going Green swap buddy Gretchen! 

Fabulous swap package from Gretchen

To see all the gorgeous goodies that are stored inside the upcycled bag and also to check out some detailed shots of the seaming in the cropped top have a look at my Flickr images.

I have also just uploaded the large felted Irish landscape that I blogged about today on Clasheen to my Etsy store.  This is a special opportunity to snag an experimental piece of felt which is perfect as it is or for those of you handy with a needle an ideal chance for some stitching and embellishing!