Congratulations, ArtL!nks bursaries!

Congratulations to everyone who has been awarded a 2010 ArtL!nks bursary!  I am so excited that my proposal to create two large felt sculptures was one of the projects chosen, preparing proposals is very stressful and time consuming but when something like this happens it makes it all worthwhile!!  I have stolen the following text direct from the ArtL!nks website and if you are interested in discovering more about the various bursary recipients just enter their name in the search box to the left on the ArtL!nks  home page.

ARTLINKS is pleased to announce the awarding of €30,000 in bursaries in the five ArtLinks partner Counties of Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford and Wicklow for 2010. Bursaries were judged by an external panel of experts not resident in the five county region and the panel commended the quality of applications received.

ArtLinks Director Cathy Fitzgerald thanks everyone who took the time to submit applications and said that the awarding of more than one bursary in each county means that more artists can be supported in these challenging economic times.

2010 ArtLinks Bursary Recipients

Co. Carlow

Rosie Pender Film E3,000
Nicola Brown Textile Sculpture E1,000
Marc-Ivan O\’Gorman Film E1,000
Shane Landers Dance E1,000

Co. Kilkenny

Andrew Ryan Visual Arts E1,000
Julie Moorhouse Visual Arts E3,000
Gillian Grattan Theatre E1,000
Mycrofilms Film E1,000

Co. Waterford

Jenny Fennessey Theatre E3,000
Marcus Mahony Visual Arts E1,000
Grace Power Music E2,000

Co. Wexford

Terence White Film E3,000
Ollie Dempsey Music E1,000
Michael Roe Music E1,000
Megan O\’Beirne Visual Arts E1,000

Co. Wicklow

Tamsin Clare-Snow Visual Arts E1,000
Rachel Agnew Visual Arts E499


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