Worst golf hole ever and one space left for workshop on Wednesday!

Yesterday I had the worst score EVER at a golf hole, playing off my winter handicap of 13 I had a score of 18 on the tenth hole, a par four!!!  Can anyone beat that??????  I used up my total handicap on one hole (with another shot over!) so as you can imagine I was not very pleased.  In actual fact I don’t normally play like that (otherwise why would my handicap be what it is) but our new head green keeper had just done some work in the bunkers and for once I got totally bogged down in the sand with no chance of playing out sideways!

Today my new felting tables arrived and I am thrilled.  I ordered 3 long folding tables which will allow me plenty of space to work on some huge felt sculptures and large pieces of nuno felt clothing.  I have one space left for a full day nuno felting workshop next Wednesday (E75 for the day) so if anyone would like to come along please email me asap. 

Nuno mosaic skirt and nuno felt scarf


2 thoughts on “Worst golf hole ever and one space left for workshop on Wednesday!

  1. Hi NIcola…………I sympathise about your 18 on a hole……I have had a 11, which I was not proud of, but I just remind myself as I am frustrated with the little golf ball, and say it is a game!!! Sometimes hard to do while you are playing. I am looking forwaed to seing your California schedule for your trip. Keep the info coming, always looking forward to seeing what yo are doing next.


  2. Hi Nicola,

    I don’t know how to play golf to save my life…Barely know how to play putt-putt, but what I do know is that your skirt and scarf are gorgeous!!! Nicola, is that stitching that I see on the skirt:-)


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