I am so excited, earth hour and moving an extremely large stone!

I am so excited to be planning a fall felting trip combined with another road trip through more of the wilderness areas that are so stunning in the United States.  Next week when I get a submission out of the way I am going to really sit down and try to work out all the logistics but to date the workshop possiblilties (and a couple of definites!) include Michigan, Philadelphia, Eugene, Loomis and San Fransisco, I can’t wait!!!  Because Alan will be travelling with me for some of the time I am trying to have a longer block of workshops at either end of the trip with possibly a couple of single days during the middle when Alan may be with me as well.  My biggest decision will be whether to fly initially to the East Coast or start the trip in San Fransisco.  Alan is a great procrastinator and difficult to tie down with dates so if I can’t get him to make a final descision I am just going to go ahead and book the flights sometime at the beginning of next week if possible, this pinning down must be a man thing! 

Detail of nuno texture

If you think that you might be interested in discussing the possibility of hosting a workshop please email me asap and we can have a chat about what is involved in the organisation.  Topics that I am happy to cover include mosaic nuno felt, felt jewellery, simple felt bags, complex felt bags (two days necessary), incorporating found objects into your felt, balls, cords and flowers, nuno felt scarves, simple felt vessels, the list goes on and I would love to hear from you if there is something not listed here that you would like to see covered!

Yesterday evening when I returned home from the Green Party Annual Convention I switched off all the lights as my contribution to the global ‘earth hour’ to heighten awareness of global warming.  Because the main farmhouse here is all whitewashed (with powdered lime) the candles I used during this time glowed beautifully against the soft white of the walls and ceilings.  Speaking of powdered lime, my friend Martin Lyttle is creating a lot of stone dust in the yard down the lane as he works on his brilliant limestone cherries, a percentage for art commission he was awarded by Wexford Co Council.  On Saturday I took some photos of Martin and well known sculptor Eileen MacDonagh as they worked to expose the underside of the largest piece of stone ready for Martin to continue his carving.


3 thoughts on “I am so excited, earth hour and moving an extremely large stone!

  1. Hi Nicola,

    Love the purple nuno-scarf pictured above. Stunning! Love the color.

    Can’t wait to see you soon…Will be here before we know it. Yippeee!!!


  2. I agree with Dawn, this scarf is beautiful……………the colors blended together are awsome! Cannot wait to find out where you will be and when in the fall when you will be here,so I can make some plans to get in a workshop, somewhere. When I mention felting, most people look at me and do not have a clue what I am talking about. What fun to look forward to.


  3. Please contact me when you have your dates for San Francisco; I can arrange a workshop for you in a new studio space so you are able to have a larger group. I have many on a list who want to take a workshop from you. We could also arrange one in Berkeley, since I have another list there of people who want to take a class in more than one technique.

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