Pricing debate yet again, new craft social networking site, where to sell???

Over the last few weeks I have really thought about the pricing debate yet again.  Last night I revisited out earlier conversations on the subject and checked out this link (thanks Dawn, very provocative) before taking experienced nuno felted Nancy Schwabe’s advice and looking into selling my felt on Artfire and Boticca.  There is no doubt in my mind that actually seeing and handling the felt prior to buying is the ideal scenario but sometimes this is just not possible and selling over the internet seems an ideal way of broadening the net of potential purchasers.  I have had some very nice feedback recently from purchasers of my merino and nuno felt scarves so know that they have been happy with the quality and price of my work but still the question remains, where is the best ‘virtual’ place to sell online if you do not have an ‘actual’ venue to stock in your locality?

Before I get too steamed up on the pricing issue I just want to alert those of you who haven’t already discovered it to a great new craft related social networking site appropriately named ‘My Craft Corner’.  I discovered this by linking through a couple of blogs last night (really sorry but in my excitement I lost the original link) and it appears to combine the attractions and functionality of Ravelry, Flickr and Facebook all on one site, kind of ready made craft porn for all us addicts out there!  If you do pop along and decide to join please be sure to make me one of your friends, my user name is Clasheen, what else!!

Lilac and blue nuno shibori

Getting back to selling online, I just added a gorgeous cobweb felt scarf and a couple of nuno shibori beauties to my Etsy store last Thursday.


3 thoughts on “Pricing debate yet again, new craft social networking site, where to sell???

  1. Nicola, Any discussion on pricing is helpful to all who participate, but I think we all need to take into consideration the impact the large sites for selling handmade online have had on pricing, since it has not all been positive. Along with a discussion on pricing, it would also be helpful to talk about the integrity of the creative product, and how to protect your designs from some of the online behavior that also negatively affects quality, pricing, and the ability of artisans to price their products fairly.

  2. Hi Nicola,

    This is a debate my friends and I have had many times – pricing, especially here in the States right now, is tough! Thanks so much for that great link (or should I say thanks Dawn!). I’ve already forwarded it to some of my crafty friends. Good luck!

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