Simple Sherry Triffle Clasheen style!

Well today has been a very good felting day (more about that and some pictures over at Clasheen tomorrow) but not a very good day for uploading posts to either blog.  Twice I have lost everything that I have written but I have finally decided it has something to do with my internet connection and the wild, windy and wet weather we are having here at the moment!

In my previous attempt to upload this post (before I lost everything except the title!) I wrote that the higher quality ingredients you use for this triffle the better the end flavour, home made sponge, egg custard, bottled fruit etc., etc, etc.  However, it is always a winner with the simplest store cupboard ingredients and these are what I am recommending here since this triffle is a perfect last minute pudding if guests unexpectedly arrive.  If you do have advance warning it is best to make it the night before, flavours mingle and the simple Clasheen twist of using Irish whiskey instead of sherry is sure to please even the most discerning of guests!  Here goes with the receipe, don’t be afraid to substitute whatever you have to hand and be free with the quantities especially the alcohol!  On the other hand if you prefer not to use alcohol I think that this triffle would be equally tasty using fresh orange juice instead.  Anyway …..

  • Lay slices of a plain sponge cake at the bottom of a pretty glass bowl – a jam swiss roll works well too
  • Sprinkle with Irish whiskey – sherry and brandy work well too
  • Cover with a generous layer of fruit – I used defrosted unsweetened exotic fruit but any jar of mixed fruit salad works well, you do need some fruit juice to become absorbed into the sponge with the alcohol so bear this in mind when choosing fruit
  • Lay a few dollops of warm/hot custard on top of the fruit before adding another layer of whiskey sprinkled cake
  • Add one more layer of fruit and finish with a last layer of cake if you think you have enough room in your bowl
  • Cover the whole lot with a layer of custard allowing enough for it to seep down through the fruit and cake a little – you could use a ready made custard in which case cold is all right but the warm custard helps the flavours to mingle
  • Finish with a layer of lightly sweetened and lightly whipped cream – I like to use brown fair trade cane sugar in my cream

Here at Clasheen and traditionally in the Brown family we don’t like to decorate the surface of the cream.  That’s not to say don’t go all out for it with fruit, chocolate shavings, mint leaves, nuts and what not, just that here at home we like to keep it simple and let the flavours speak for themselves!


One thought on “Simple Sherry Triffle Clasheen style!

  1. This has always been a favourite of mine and when we were young our Mum used to make a special chocolate version for us to enjoy before we went back to boarding school! bribery and corruption!! Thanks for sharing your recipe 🙂

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