Talk, swap package and some golf photos from last Sunday!

Wednesday’s talk and demo to the Borris Active Retirement group went very well and now the ladies are interested in participating in some felting workshops so all in all a good day was had by everyone! 

My swap package for Krystofer - note the hand made gift tag!


Before I left the house to go to the talk venue I packaged up and posted my latest swap package to Krystofer in San Fransisco.  This was a great Ravelry swap to participate in, check out one of the scarves I felted for this in a recent post at Clasheen.  I also made gift tags from some of the stamped paper I had left over from last weeks fabric journal workshop, upcycling and recycling is one of my favourite pastimes.

Another favourite activity of mine is golf, as if you haven’t already realised.  My good friend Remmy took some excellent photos of all the action last Sunday so here are a couple for you to peruse as men’s Captain Pierce Brennan and yours truly prepare to beat the life out of a couple of little white balls!   

Captain Pierce Brennan with me just before we teed off

Head down and watch that ball!


One thought on “Talk, swap package and some golf photos from last Sunday!

  1. Yes, it is trying to remember to keep the head down as you hit the ball. Doing that, everyting seems to be fine, forget it…. and you are in trouble. I too, chase the little white ball around the course and love the ‘girlfriends’ I play with. At least we are less serious than the guys and we can laugh at times. Of course there is always lunch after……



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