Recycling centre, art notebooks and golf

This is a really quick post today but I promise that from next Tuesday onwards time will not be such a pressing matter ….. hopefully.

Recycling – Don’t you just love those great centres where you just might pick up something to take home at the same time as trying to get rid of all your own packaging etc.?  On Wednesday I had a great discovery whien I found a man about to dump a collection of huge big stainless steel light shades in the scrap metal container.  His son is an electrician and they were tidying out a shed, obviously I snapped them up and have a couple of projects earmarked for them already, what a joy it is to have a truck to transport all these unexpected and welcome findshome!

Art notebooks – Spent a happy day with the South East Textile group today, our workshop this month was about creating fabric covered art journals.  Wait ’till I take some photos on Monday of what I made, never ever throw out those cardboard packages books arrive from Amazon in as they make an amazing base for these journals, recycling again!

Golf – Captain’s Drive in at Borris Giolf Club tomorrow.  No clothes ready (some not even washed yet!), house dreadfully untidy, guest just about to arrive for the night, no food prepared yet ……. argh, talk soon!!!


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