Photo of my Saori weaving in progress

If you are a regular follower of Clasheen you will know that I have had a busy weekend felting, chatting, eating and generally celebrating my friend Carmen’s birthday with some of our joint friends!  Although it has been pretty hectic and I definitely have a throbbing head at this stage I have managed to fit in a little time each day to continue with my first Saori free weaving project. 

Saori weaving on the loom

In some ways I am horrified when I look at this piece objectively to realise that the colours are not dissimilar looking when woven to those I selected for my first clothing project ‘Ella’, pictures on Flickr.  Obviously I am drawn to certain shades of green and gold but I did think that the varigated wool from Noro would not be as pink as it turned out but more gold, mustard and green as the outside of the various balls looked before unrolling.  Not withstanding the similarity of colours it will be interesting to see when the fabric is off the loom exactly how ‘free’ I have allowed myself to be with my design throughout the weaving.  My idea was to be very random with my weft colours and also to have uneven thicknesses of yarn, not so sure what it will actually look like but finally the warp tension seems to be more even so hopefully it will soon be ready and removed from the loom.

I am off now to get some things together for a podcasting course I am attending tomorrow morning.  This is organised by ArtL!nks, a brilliant 5 county initiative which is very supportive of all the arts disciplines here in the South East of Ireland.  My house is still not up to scratch after my recent water woes (if I am quite honest I don’t think it will ever be totally clean and tidy!) and I am in the process of washing as many clothes and household items as possible every day while trying to get them dry in front of the range and draped over clothes horses all around the house.  Tomorrow night is another meeting at the golf club and on Tuesday or Wednesday I need to bring my truck in to the garage for a filter change and a little more work left over from the last service.  Hopefully by the middle of the week I will have my weaving finished and then comes the interesting part of trying to full the fabric, cut it in pieces and then stitch it back together to make a soft and funky t-shaped top!


One thought on “Photo of my Saori weaving in progress

  1. Hooray….Let’s just throw in the towel when it comes to having tidy homes. There’s only so much time in each day, and if I have a little free time, I really don’t want to be cleaning windows. As long as everyone has clean clothes, the dog’s happy, fed and walked, and no one is going hungry, I feel like all that cleaning can wait until I run out of wool:-)

    Can’t wait to see your top…Sounds cool.


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