First Saori weaving project underway, Irish Blog Awards and new laptop!

After a very, very shaky week things are really turning a corner and looking up at last.  At the risk of boring you all to tears I ended last week by getting a bad cold, felt rotten all weekend, had three golf club meetings on Monday and another on Thursday, a major submission for an Arts Grant to complete before three o’clock yesterday, awful problems warping my loom and then HUGE technical problems which resulted in me throwing in the towel and investing in a new laptop this afternoon!  Whew, got that all off my chest so onwards and upwards.

My loom is now warped and the weaving is well underway.  This was the first time that I tried threading 5.5m of warp and for anyone used to weaving this might not be a problem.  For me however, it all came apart when the threads leapt off the peg I was using and fell on the floor, panic, panic, panic but I perservered and eventually got the blasted thing completed.  Or so I thought!  Maybe it was the texture of the paper I used to wind along with the yarn but for some reason I just could not get the tension correct, it appeared to keep getting looser or slipping but to be honest I really don’t have a clue what was happening.  Eventually I just decided in the Saori spirit to get on with it, what is free weaving after all if not the freedom to do whatever you want with your weaving?  I thought that I would end up having to cut my work into pieces and try wet felting it but after about a metre of weaving the tension is starting to even out and hopefully will be all right for the rest of the piece.  I am trying to weave a long, long piece which will then be cut into lengths and sewn together to form a very simple top, pictures and more info to follow tomorrow. 

My very exciting news this evening is that I have been longlisted for my main blog Clasheen in the ‘specialist’ catagory in the Irish Blog Awards 2010!  Thanks so much to catagory sponsors iQ Content and congrats to all the other nominees, it really is a very long longlist!  

iQ Content


2 thoughts on “First Saori weaving project underway, Irish Blog Awards and new laptop!

  1. Hooray…You deserved some good news after the week you’ve had (come to think of it, couple of months you’ve had…What with your water, heat, etc.). Keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll be on the short list and then in the finals of the blog competition. Your blog is fantastic and a favorite of mine.

    We’ve had the cold/virus bug going around our area, too. I think we’re all looking forward to Spring. I do love watching the snow fall, but this winter has been a doosie! We’re getting snow in parts of the country that seldom see it, and lots of it.

    Hope you have a great weekend and that everything functions as it should:-)


  2. Hey! Hi there!

    I hope we both make the shortlist, but i don’t think mine is pretty enough!

    I understand the weaving problems – I’m trying to layout an 80 page journal for the printer and every time I return to work on the file, the pictures have moved round and mess up the layouts. Sometimes, not matter how careful you are, the gremlins just do that sort of stuff!

    Good Luck


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