Another upcycled jumper bag and plenty of activity here at Clasheen!

All round it’s been a pretty productive day here at Clasheen ……

  • Hedge cut down the lane
  • Well up and running again at last
  • Upcycled bag sewn 
  • Orange flower wet felted and beaded to embellish bag (sold already!)
  • Gorgeous nuno felt scarf made and uploaded to my Etsy shop
  • Pins added to the back of recent brooches – to be uploaded to Etsy tomorrow

I am really pleased that I have managed to stick to my New Year’s resolution to date (not that we are very far into 2010 yet!) and finish projects instead of leaving in my stash to lanquish.  My virtual felting twin Dawn Edwards in USA also has the same difficulty beading and stitching so this year we are going to try and support each other and overcome this phobia!!  For my latest upcycling project I fulled a gorgeous and soft jumper in my washing machine, unfortunately the jumper had grown and grown until it was almost too big for me to wear at all.  Once I had washed it with a couple of pairs of jeans the fibres had come together beautifully and I was able to cut it easily and stitch it up into this practical and fun bag. 

Green and orange upcycled bag

The green cuffs from the jumper were perfect for leaves and the orange flower was wet felted from merino with a piece of cut up nuno felt in the centre!  I stitched some coral coloured beads into the centre for a bit of a lift and then my friend Cathy, director of ArtL!nks snapped it up for her friend!


One thought on “Another upcycled jumper bag and plenty of activity here at Clasheen!

  1. Oh, I about fell off my chair laughing…Now, that the stitching phobia is in writing, it’s official, and I’m going to tackle my fears! I’m off to dig out my needle, thread, and of course my reading glasses, and start sewing right now:-)

    I can’t wait to make one of these bags. Perfect size for toting books around, and so much cuter than my old well worn, stand-by book bag. I’ll bet you get a lot of compliments on it. The flower is, or should I say, was, darling…No wonder it went so fast. Someone has good taste.


    P.S. I have a new friend that I’ve met through e-mail via your site. She’s going to be in Ireland this summer. Perhaps I could figure out how to use Skype and you all could just leave it on…I’ll pretend like I’m right there. I’m going to start saving my pennies so that one day I can visit in person. Oh, that would be the best vacation ever! Hope you’re having a great start to the week.

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