Beading as surface embellishment and well update!

Strange title for my post today but here goes!  Those of you who follow Clasheen know how little I like stitching and beading.  This is not to say that I don’t like the finished effect, far from it, I just find it difficult to do and also my neck hurts after a couple of minutes of sewing.  Anyway, since Lyda Rump’s brilliant workshops last weekend I have been working on several small experimental brooches and necklaces and have decided to push myself on the beading front.  My resolution for this year is to make myself finish projects quickly and to try and get more comfortable with beading and stitching, I have asked Carmen to monitor my progress and push me as soon as I start slacking! 

Abalone, merino and silk necklace-brooch prior to beading

The first project that I got stuck into was this abalone, merino and silk chiffon piece that may be worn as either a brooch or a pendant.  When Carmen was with me on Wednesday I sat down and got out my boxes of beads before deciding which ones would set the shell off to the best advantage.  Eventually I decided on a selection of greeny blue seed and bugle beads.

Here is a picture of the finished beaded felt, I know that the beads add contrast and interest to the piece so onwards and upwards with a little more beading! 

Beaded abalone, merino and silk necklace-brooch

On the well side of things it has been a busy morning here at Clasheen.  First off the plumbers arrived followed shortly by a friendly local digger driver!  They have had to lay a totally new pipe and electric cable from the well to the pumbhouse, don’t ask the reason suffice to say that the old one got totally blocked from some of the work that had already taken place.  Now the new pump is fitted but the water is still a little silty and not totally clear.  Patsy says that it is better to continue piping water from Tom’s yard until after the weekend, this way I can run my own pump and let the silty water out on the ground.  Hopefully after doing this for a couple of hours each day between now and Monday all will be well again (dreadful pun!) and I will be back in full action again for the first time since 28th December.


One thought on “Beading as surface embellishment and well update!

  1. Beautiful brooch Nicola…Love the addition of the beading.

    Could you ask Carmen to monitor my progress, too? Could be a whole new career path for her:-) We must be two-peas-in-a-pod, because it’s always the final detail work that I put off until the last possible moment. Good resolution to finish what one starts…I’ll try to get on the bandwagon with you.

    Glad to hear that you’re finally on your way back to having water. What an ordeal!


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