More water woes, busy day felting and golf club this evening!

This morning we had a really hard frost and much to my dismay the pipe from Tom’s yard to mine froze so NO WATER yet again!  Carmen was coming over for lunch and to felt for the afternoon so imagine my horror to discover I couldn’t wash the dishes!!  By about half past two the ice had melted so luckily I was able to fill up the tank in my attic in preparation for a bath before my golf club meeting tonight.  I also switched on the washing machine again and at the end of the cycle discovered that my alpaca and cashmere jumper had shrunk to almost nothing.  Luckily I anticipated that this might be the case and have another upcycled bag planned for a rainy day later in the month, a friend has my sewing machine (not that I use it often!) so I will wait until she brings it back.  Off now for a quick spot of tea and toast, then a bath and off to a managment meeting at Borris Golf Club.  No rest for the wicked!


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