Fun in Mullingar and still preparing for Lyda Rump’s arrival tomorrow!

I am still trying to ready the house in preparation for Lyda Rump’s arrival sometime late morning tomorrow.  As followers of Clasheen will know I HATE housework so I am just having a little break before heading off once more to get lost in the ongoing mess! 

Anna with her funky felt prior to stitching into fun felt slippers


Yesterday evening I returned exhausted but happy from an excellent weekend felting with old and new friends in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.  I was staying with Anna, Brian, Dara and Leo, thanks guys for your warm welcome, comfortable bed and excellent food and wine!  Here is a picture of Anna with the funky felt she made in Sunday’s workshop, later in the day she stitched and further worked them to create the most amazing and fun pair of slippers!!

Anna's finished slippers!


I have uploaded pictures of all the stunning work created at this workshop to my Flickr account and Anna has also posted some of the felting in progress, you can catch them here.

Today I had to bring my truck to the garage as the part we had been waiting for arrived, luckily my brakes are now sorted and I can drive in comfort and safety once more!  Lyda has been very understanding and will travel part of the way from the airport by bus, this means that I get another couple of hours tomorrow morning to try and attack a little bit more of the house.  My original plans were to have Lyda’s felting workshops at the local community hall but a couple of weeks ago I decided we would have enough space here at Clasheen.  Now can you see why I am trying to get the place in order???  Anyway, the knock on effect will hopefully be a tidy studio, some quality felting workshops, catching up with old felting friends, making some new ones and basically having what the Irish call craic!


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