Fabulous book to recommend!

Two days ago I received a fabulous book in the post and I can’t recommend it highly enough!  Due to my recent water enforced break from felting I have been trying to get to grips with my Ashford Knitters Loom.  Being kind of obsessed once I get my teeth stuck into something  (you’ve never guessed!!) I have also been checking out other weavers work and pictures on Ravelry and Flickr.  My eye was totally caught by some pieces in the Saori style so if you really want to see what I consider the woven equivelent of  ‘eye candy’ have a look at Terri Bibby’s website and blog!  Leading on from this Terri put me in touch with Akiko Jo and now I am the excited owner of the book ‘SAORI Self-discovery through Free Weaving’.  In simplistic terms Saori weaving is an expression of individual thoughts and as much a process as the end result itself.  Work is fluid, graceful and exciting and the book gives some fantastic pattern ideas to adapt as wished for simple, funky clothing, I am in love!!!  These styles are so totally ‘me’ it really appears to my warped  mind (ha, ha) that the book could actually have been written just for me.  Using these simple templates I know that I should be able to create some wonderful pieces of wearable art combining nuno felt and weaving, watch this space!  If anyone in Europe wants to order the book contact Akiko Jo or if you are living in USA or Canada I am sure that Terri will be glad to help you.  It cost me under E30 including priority delivery and for a non seamstress like me it would be a bargain at five times the price!


2 thoughts on “Fabulous book to recommend!

  1. Nicola…
    Make sure you check out Weavolution.com
    … the new network for weavers. It’s in development stage and getting better and better every day. It’s a great place to get help and support.
    There’s also a Saori group there.
    Come on board… we welcome you!

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