Resumption of essential services!

Patsey my plumber has just left and I am thrilled to say that my well has not collapsed, my central heating is now running and I have hot water again at last!!

  • Water – check
  • Well in sound health – check
  • Heat – check
  • Electricity – check
  • Internet connection – check
  • Time to craft today – uncheck

Life is good however.  Yesterday evening I ran the washing machine to full some jumpers again that had previously been shrunk either deliberately by me or mistakenly by a friend!  These I will make into some coffee cozys and upcycled bags, my wonderful swap package from Gretchen inspired me to route the jumpers out last night so more to follow about the process next post.  For now I am off to do a big shop, try and get some pink or plum coloured tights and then I will be having a big hot bath in my very own bathroom!  Ah, the luxury of not travelling down the lane to my neighbour’s farmhouse and having hot water again of my own is bliss.  Tonight I am chairing the ladies club committee meeting at Borris Golf Club so any felting and crafting activities will just have to wait until tomorrow. 

My new nuno mini which I want to buy tights to match


One thought on “Resumption of essential services!

  1. Hey, five out of six “checks” is pretty good! I know that sixth item would have made for a perfect day, but the luxurious bath, sounds like a pretty close second. Enjoy!!! Glad to hear that Clasheen is functioning again…Boy, how we take those things for granted when they’re working properly.

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